Tokyo Skytree Celebrates Earth Day by Launching ‘Tree of Hope’ New Campaign with W1sh Ribbon to Promote Global Unity, Solidarity and Equality.


On April 22, Earth Day, Tokyo Skytree has installed a new monument, the Tree of Hope, on the observation deck, to launch a new global campaign, “W1SH RIBBON DISCOVER & CONNECT THE WORLD”. The number ‘1’ is used in place of the letter ‘I’ to symbolize what people wish for most of all. The aim of the campaign is to gather the hopes and wishes of people all over the world, in order to promote global unity, solidarity and equality.

The world-renowned photographer Leslie Kee as a director of the project, presented the Tree of Hope and a vibrant music video, Live Out Loud, performed by Kelsie Watts and Reezy Mi$HNRZ, featuring Kee’s friends and celebrities.

Kee and husband Joshua Vincent Ogg attended the press conference hosted by international actors, Sho Ikushima (Darco) and Natsuki Kunimoto (47 Ronin and The Terror). Special guests include actors and dancers, such as Chizuru Azuma, Hiroshi Fujioka and Koichi Omae, shared their wishes at the event. Dressed up in colorful costumes designed by Kansai Yamamoto who had shared the same hope and passion, they wrote their messages on each W1SH RIBBON and tied them to Tree of Hope.

Leslie Kee and Joshua Vincent Ogg
Chizuru Azuma
Hiroshi Fujioka
Koichi Omae

Michael Turner, Culture and Sports Attaché at the U.S. Embassy Tokyo, emphasized a long history of close cooperation between Japan and the United States. “I am excited to be here and to participate in this truly joyful campaign. I believe that by working together on some of the most important issues affecting the entire global community, we can help save the world.”

Michael Turner

Manami Kosugi, the project leader from Tokyo Skytree said, “As a major landmark in Japan with a strong spiritual influence, we believe that gathering the hopes and wishes of people from around the world will help to bring a strong connection of unity and solidarity. We are so proud to work with Leslie and we are delighted with the wonderful, compelling message he has created together with his friends.”

Video messages from supporters and collaborators around the world; including Kyle Eastwood, son of legendary actor Clint Eastwood and himself an established Jazz musician; the Fabulous Sisters, a Japanese dance troupe that won the Jennifer Lopez dance competition, World of Dance; Douglas Montgomery, CEO of Global Connects and chairman of Global Stage Hollywood who’s been working for the biggest film company in Hollywood; and actor Eiji Inoue, are also presented.

“What we want more than anything is peace and happiness to the world,” said Leslie Kee, holding up his W1SH RIBBON to the crowd. “To envision the future we wish for,” said Leslie Kee, looking out the clear sky from 350 meters height, “I am focusing on beauty, diversity, positivity, and creativity.”

Overseas and Japanese visitors, who may not be able to visit Tokyo Skytree to attach their W1SH RIBBONs to the monument, can still participate in the campaign through social media using the hashtag #W1SHRIBBON.