Tokyo Skytree Joins Hands with Hollywood


The recent launch of Tokyo Skytree’s Tree of Hope global campaign “W1SH RIBBON DISVOVER & CONNECT THE WORLD” has attracted international support, including a host of Hollywood personalities. Film producer, Zach Thomson, who worked on films such as ‘Dumb and Dumber’, ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Avatar’ sent a heartfelt message of support. “I am honored to be a part of the Tree of Hope campaign, and I wish for more peace, harmony and compassion towards one another,” he said.

Japanese actor Eiji Inoue, who has been active in Hollywood for nearly 30 years with the goal of this year's Academy Awards. Still perfecting his craft, Eiji said that throughout the pandemic, he has listened to his own voice, soul and body. “My real goal is using artistic expression to go beyond race and beyond culture in passing the gift to the audience. That's my goal and my mission I am pursuing every day. You shouldn't be afraid of anything. So, you should get in touch with yourself, your soul, nature, universe, and enjoy your life.” Eiji commented.

Douglas Montgomery, Chairman of Global Stage Hollywood sent their best wishes for the campaign’s success. “The wonders of hope and dreams resonate here in Hollywood, where people come from all over the world to pursue their dreams to be an actor or actress. It is the main reason why we founded our Hollywood Film Festival three years ago. I look forward to filling out my wish ribbon and having it tie to the Tree of Hope.”

Sincere messages of solidarity and support were also received from Kyle Eastwood, son of iconic actor and director Clint Eastwood. Kyle has become a world-class jazz musician and writes and performs musical scores for Hollywood films. Zachary Rice of @ZachRiceTV, who was involved in ‘Minions’ and the upcoming show ‘Supernatural University’. And KelemeteMisipeka, a successful Hollywood actor starring in the new movie “The Wind & The Reckoning” sent their best wishes for a successful global campaign.

Full messages can be seen at Tokyo Skytree official YouTube channel ‘SKYTREE TV’